500ml Oven Cleaning Chemical

Our biodegradable oven cleaning chemical spray is 100% safe and environmentally clean. It is only activated by heat above 50 degrees Celsius and loosens up all grease and grime and does not stain or damage any surface including stainless steel.

oven cleaner spray

Oven Scraper

Our Oven Scraper comes with 5 heavy-duty blades which are stronger than the thinner weaker window cleaning counterparts. Use this scraper in conjunction with chemicals and heat to gently scrape off the grime. Then use microfibre cloths to wipe clean.


Oven Scraper

Oven Cleaning Kit (domestic)

This kit comes with three high-quality microfibre cloths, a scraper with blades, a soft wire wool, heavy-duty wire wool, and a 500ml oven cleaner spray.


oven cleaning kit

Oven Cleaner kit (Professional)

This kit comes with thirty-six microfibre cloths, a box of ten scrapers and a box of one hundred blades, a pack of ten 60g heavy-duty steel pot scourers, five 30g wire wools, a 5 liter of biodegradable oven cleaning gel, three mini wire brushes, one heavy-duty wire brush and instructions.


oven cleaning kit

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